Why Choose Us

Because we believe that by continuing to review and rely on the basic principles of quality and giving value, we anticipate greater success in our business endeavors.

We at PT. ASIA RAYA FOUNDRY believe in these five strong points:

  1. Service
    Without customers, we would not exist; therefore, we treat out customers as an equal partner and give them the best services possible within our ability. We strive for long-lasting relations with our customers, hence the necessity to put in our time and energy to look after them.
  1. Competitive
    We want to give the best. All of our employees share this thought and believe in working effectively to reach our optimal goal. We believe in adhering professionally to the highest ethical and business standards.
  1. Quality Products
    To fulfill our customers’ needs is the company’s main goal, therefore; we provide products at th best possible level to satisfy market demand for quality, delivery, price and services. We are also committed in the improvement of progressive technology and creativity within our services.
  1. Consistent with Commitments
    We are consistent with our commitments toward our valued customers and our respected principles. The success and continued prosperity of our company will be assured only if we offer superior products that provide long lasting value and are supported by useful services both before and after the sale. It is our goal to sell and ship out quality products when the customers need it along with providing optimum delivery dates.
  1. Human Resources as a Main Asset
    Our main asset are our dedicated and motivated employees whose goal is to capitalize on the customers’ satisfaction and business growth. The development of human resources are done at all levels of the organization through in house training, courses, seminars as well as factory visits abroad. Our employees are the vital strength of the company that supports all the operations within the company structure.


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