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A pattern is a replica of the product used to make sand molds or molds of other media in the metal casting process


In sand casting, molding involves using sand as a media to cast the product in.


The furnace is a core element in the foundry process, which is capable of heating metal and its alloys to the required melting temperature


The fettling process plays an important role in esnuring that the casting product has the right quality and appearance before it is shipped.

Machining / CNC

Machining and fabrication plays an important role in metal working processes. Machining removes material from the workpiece to achieve the desired shape, size, and surface finish while fabricating to create structures, machines, equipment, and various products.

Quality Control

Good quality control is an investment to build a good reputation, minimize repair costs, and ensure customer satisfaction


The packaging process ensures product protection from friction using protective materials such as foam, bubble wrap, or other specialized protections. The entire shipping process always ensures that products reach customers in good condition and without issues

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